Bag of a Thousand Pockets (2002)

8 mins.  dir/editing: Anthea Kennedy   Photography: Ian Wiblin

“My bag has a thousand pockets. In each one is a memory.” These words are spoken by my father during this short film in which he recalls brief and fragmented memories of his life in Germany before being forced into exile. These memories connect to a wider German history.

A work which reflects on history, memory, old age and death.

Selected Screenings:

International Film Festival Rotterdam, European Media Arts Festival Osnabrueck, Lux Open London, Cambridge Film Festival, Kassel International Documentary Festival, Vertigo Day at the Other Cinema, Exhumed at the Museum of Garden History, Macao Arts Festival, Still at St. Constantine and St. Helen Greek Orthodox Church, London, Côté court, Paris, Lux Salon (Parents’ Programme), Birkbeck Cinema, London, Museum of Childhood, London, Close Up Cinema London and Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow as part of Filming the Personal, Close Up Cinema, London as part of Welcome to Britain.



Collectif Jeune Cinema

Bag of a Thousand Pockets


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