Anthea Kennedy and Ian Wiblin biography

Anthea Kennedy and Ian Wiblin have been making films together since 2000. Their most recent film is Four Parts of a Folding Screen (2018).
Their previous two feature-length films (that might be categorized as experimental
documentaries), Stella Polare (2006) and The View from Our House (2013), were
both premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam and both were concerned
with history, place and memory. Stella Polare was shot in Trieste and speculated
on the end of empires. The ideas of The View from Our House built out from a
memory of brutalisation and oppression, as witnessed and experienced by a
young female photographer in Nazi-era Berlin. In addition to these longer works,
Kennedy and Wiblin have made several short films and installation pieces –
including a commissioned short film based on a Puccini opera, Face of an Angel
(2008), and an installation inspired by films of R. W. Fassbinder and P. P. Pasolini,
For Children (2009).
Anthea Kennedy has received awards, including a Hubert Bals Award at the
Rotterdam International Film Festival. She studied fine art at Chelsea School of Art
and Leeds Polytechnic and film at the Royal College of Art in London. She was a
founder member of the experimental film/performance group Kuleshov Group
Two. She worked briefly for Stanley Forman’s ETV Film Archive and for DEFA-TV. She has also worked as a film editor for Stephen Dwoskin and has taught film-making at various art schools and universities in the UK.
Ian Wiblin, in addition to his film work, has exhibited work internationally as a
photographer over many years. He has published a monograph of his work (Night
Watch – the result of a residency at the University of Cambridge) and has
contributed to several books and publications, writing on photography considered
in relation to cinema, architecture and performance. He is currently a lecturer on
film and photography at the University of South Wales.

Anthea Kennedy and Ian Wiblin: Joint Filmography

Yr 0 (V2) (UK 2021, 4.5 mins.) A film for Louis Benassi. Screenings: Horse Hospital, London (2021)

Nassau (UK 2021, 1 min.) A film for celebration of Al Rees’ book, Fields of View Screenings: Contact Screenings, London (2021)

Four Parts of a Folding Screen (UK 2018, 83 mins) (Funding Arts Council of England) Screenings: International Film Festival Rotterdam (2018) IndieLisboa (2018) Jewish Film Festival Berlin and Brandenburg (2018) Crosskultur Berlin (2018) Cinema Flagey Brussels (2019) Docpoint Helsinki (2019) Prelude to Essay Film Festival / Outsiders-Insiders Festival London (2019), One World Romania (2019) Rencontres avec les Chauves-Souris, Belgium (2019) Close-Up Film Centre London (2019) Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow (2020) Flight Festival Genoa (2021) (awarded Special Mention of the Jury and Critics Prize).

The View from Our House (UK 2013, 76 mins) (Funding Arts Council of England) Screenings: International Film Festival Rotterdam (2013), Galerie Collection Regard, Berlin (2013), Zerstörte Vielfalt Ausstellung, Berlin (2013), Whitechapel Gallery, London (2014), Birkbeck Cinema, London (2014), Cambridge International Film Festival (2014), Liverpool International Photography Festival (2015), Dis/Placed, London (2015), Close Up Cinema, London (2016) ABCD Film Club Abingdon (2018) Sprengel Museum Hanover (2019) Four Corners / Another Eye exhibition (online screening) 2020

Video Eye (UK 2011, 1 min) Film d’Anticipation for Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris, commissioned by Collectif Jeune Cinéma (online screening)

For Children (2009) Two screen looped installation commissioned by the School of European Studies at Cardiff University as part of the conference P.P.Pasolini and R.W.Fassbinder: the European Legacy between Nihilism and Utopia.

Face of an Angel (UK/IT 2008, 6 mins) Commissioned by Lucca Film Festival as part of the series Twenty Puccini. Screenings: Lucca Film Festival, Italy (2008) European Media Arts Festival, Osnabrueck (2009), Côté Court, Paris (2009), Festival de Nouveau Cinéma Montreal (2009), Traverse Video, Toulouse (2010) , Musique en Images, Paris (2010) Microscope Gallery, New York City (2011), Images contre Nature Festival, Marseilles (2011) , Thessaloniki Film Festival, Experimental Forum, (2011)

Stella Polare (UK 2006, 76 mins) Screenings: International Film Festival Rotterdam (2006), European Media Arts Festival, Osnabrück (2006), Lucca Film Festival, Italy (2007), Leeds International Film Festival (2006), Athens Ohio International Film Festival (2007), Ffilmic Film Festival Wales (2007), Curzon Soho Cinema, London (2007), Flea Pit Cinema, London (2007), Roxy Screen, London (2007), Horse Hospital, London (Alternative Armistice Day) (2014), The Cinematheque, Vancouver (2015)

Bag of a Thousand Pockets (UK 2002, 8 mins) Screenings: International Film Festival Rotterdam (2003), European Media Arts Festival, Osnabrück (2003), Lux Open, London (2003), Cambridge Film Festival (2003), Kassel International Documentary Festival (2003), Vertigo Day at the Other Cinema, London (2004), Exhumed at the Museum of Garden History, London (2004), Macao Arts Festival (2004), Still at St. Constantine and St. Helen Greek Orthodox Church, London (2004), Côté court, Paris (2004), Lux Salon (Parents’ Programme), London (2006), Birkbeck Cinema, London (2014), Museum of Childhood, London (2015), Close Up Film Centre, London and Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow as part of Filming the Personal, Close-Up Film Centre, London as part of Welcome to Britain (2017) Close-Up Film Centre London as part of Refuge (2019)

Elegy (UK 2001, 3 mins) Screenings: International Film Festival Rotterdam (2002)
As part of Arts Council England funded programme entitled Garden Pieces screened at Lux, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Showroom Sheffield, Arnolfini Bristol, Bridport Arts Centre, Barn Theatre Dartington, Cambridge Film Festival, Plymouth Arts Centre, Lumiere Cinema Edinburgh, Hell Grün Düsseldorf, Borderlines Film Festival, BFI Southbank (2002-2006), Whitechapel Gallery (as part of Screening Nature), (2013) Plastik Festival of Artists’ Moving Image (2015), Light Movement, Berlin (2017) Festival Passage, Lion-sur-Mer (2020) Carte blanche au Collectif Jeune Cinéma / Journées Cinématographiques de Saint-Denis (online) 2021

Anthea Kennedy filmography: Vast (UK 2007, 1 min), Hollywood Now (co-director, Germany 1996, 90 mins), Letter To Germany (UK 1992, 20 mins), Caprices (co-director, Switzerland 1988, 52 mins), At the Fountainhead (of German Strength) (co-director, UK 1980, 100 mins) All screened at international film festivals etc.

Ian Wiblin filmography: Crossing (UK 2007, 28 mins), Another Ecstasy (UK 1991, 30 mins) All screened at international film festivals etc.

Ian Wiblin – selected solo photography exhibitions:

Bank (Galerie Schwarzwaldallee, Basel, 2015), Recovered Territory (The New Art Gallery, Walsall, 2007), Night Watch (Kettle’s Yard Gallery, Cambridge, 1996, Sprengel Museum Hanover, 2020), Wroclaw / Naples (Galerie in der Brotfabrik, Berlin, 1991) Wroclaw (Photographers’ Gallery, London, 1990)