Ian Wiblin: Photography

Ian Wiblin is a photographer as well as a film-maker. He has exhibited widely both in the UK and internationally. As well as many group exhibitions, he has had solo exhibitions  at (selection) the Photographers’ Gallery London, Brotfabrik Berlin, Kettle’s Yard Cambridge, New Art Gallery Walsall, Schwarzwaldallee Basel and Sprengel Museum Hanover.

Contact: ian.wiblin@southwales.ac.uk

Night Watch (solo exhibition at the Sprengel Museum, Hanover, 19.2.20 until 24.5.20)

Watch video about Night Watch produced by Inka Schube of the Sprengel Museum here.

Read a review of the exhibition from the newspaper TAZ (in German) here.

Displaced Statue

The photographs in Night Watch represent parallel but ultimately converging visual journeys, undertaken in failing light and in the dead of night, through empty fen and the built space of University and town. In the images a landscape in flux encroaches upon a darkened Cambridge. What I hope to imply is a vulnerability in the apparently established and stable as though an oblique unease shrouds the accepted order of things the security, sanctity and preserve of knowledge.  Ian Wiblin


“These photographs remind us, comparably, that what we see depends on our actively seeing. They do so in very particular ways and in terms of a distinctive theme, that of an uncovering or opening-up of places, whose common region they collectively define. They comprise a night geography in which the terrain, rather than being understood as given beforehand and standing in wait for itemized description, remains always to be found. In this geography, none of the places is subordinated to a larger scheme, or selected according to a given hierarchy. Nothing is taken as given, nothing taken for granted.”

– extract from the essay Night Geography by Brendan Prendeville, in the monograph Night Watch, published by Kettle’s Yard.

Shadowed Bicycle


Shadowed Street


These photographs are from a body of work produced when Ian Wiblin was a Kettle’s Yard Artist Fellow / Gonville and Caius College Artist in Residence at the University of Cambridge.

Titles of the above:

Displaced Statue (Fitzwilliam Museum)

Merging (Queen’s Road)

Shadowed Bicycle (Clare College)

Shadowed Street (Pembroke Street)

Swamp (The Hundred Foot Washes, near Welney)