Anthea Kennedy studied fine art at Leeds Polytechnic and film at the Royal College of Art, London. The majority of her work is concerned with history, memory and place. Apart from her own film practice, she has worked as a film editor, collaborating with Stephen Dwoskin for a number of years and also Peter Todd. She has worked as a visiting lecturer in film and video at various universities and art schools in the UK.  In 2018 she was a member of the Tiger Award Jury at International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Contact: anthea.kennedy at btopenworld.com

Ian Wiblin is a photographer and film-maker. He is interested in the representation of place and its architecture in relation to real or imagined histories. As a photographer he has had international exhibitions and residencies, including as Kettle’s Yard artist-in-residence at the University of Cambridge. A monograph of this work was published as Night Watch in 1996. He has also contributed to publications on photography in relation to cinema and architecture, including Camera Constructs (2012).  He teaches photography at the University of South Wales.

Contact: ian.wiblin at southwales.ac.uk


horse-hosp-3   Photos: Charles Rubinstein

Introduction to a screening of Stella Polare at the Horse Hospital London, 2014

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